Monetising data is now a critical business function. Privacy can either help or hinder that.

We believe privacy is central to future revenues.

Marketing and privacy have been strangers, when they need to be best friends. The reality of marketing is data. That means the reality of marketing is privacy

Right now businesses are in a Catch-22 of their own making. To paraphrase ‘We can’t trust the customer to give us the data we want of their own volition. So we say that privacy and trust is important whilst at the same time believing that no-one actually cares. This means we can collect data and not bother the customer with it in case they don’t like it’

This defensive, grey-area attitude is the biggest single risk to the customer data supply.

Future revenues are based on customer data. Businesses cannot compliance their way to growth. The direction is set. The Genie is out of the bottle. Regulators and customers are expecting more. Businesses need to actively shore up their revenue pipeline by realising privacy is key to all their data monetisation programs.

Services for monetisation

Services designed to businesses grow through privacy

To help unlock commercial from data you need to get privacy right, not just compliant. We  listen to customers about what they want from privacy. We identify problems. We investigate solutions. We develop strategies. We design digital experiences. We create communications people understand.

Mapping the Customer Privacy Lifecycle

Do you understand your customers’ privacy lifecycle?

Data and Privacy proposition development

Have you got a proposition people clearly understand?

Email database growth

How do you grow your marketable database with privacy?

Privacy Customer segmentation

You segment your customers, what about for privacy?

Campaign Unsubscribe Impact analysis

Are your campaigns measuring the real cost?

Consent modelling and forecasting

How much room do you have in your consent?

We had bought a new Consent Management Platform and realised that we didn't really have a clear strategy for gaining and defending consent across the lifecycle.


We make privacy more human.